EMS Insurance

Think the days of real heroes are over? Just talk to someone whose life was saved by the efforts of a first responder. You’ll find that life’s real heroes are as close as your nearest Emergency Medical Services station.

EMS is a critical part of every community. Everyone relies on the lifesaving expertise of local emergency medical workers when disaster strikes and seconds count. Likewise, EMS organizations trust Charles Leach to be there when disaster strikes them.

At Charles Leach we understand that EMS workers and other first responders routinely go “above and beyond the call of duty” to protect and save our lives.  That’s why we offer EMS organizations the kind of reliable insurance protection they need.

We have an extensive background in this field

image-placeholderand we can provide all the coverages that an EMS organization requires.

Speak with one of our Emergency Services representatives and we’ll work together to create a coverage package that satisfies your organization’s protection and planning needs. Call us today at (814) 275-3224 or click the tab at the bottom of the page to request more information.