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Oil and Gas Insurance

Oil and gas are the fuels that make our nation run, but production can be complex, costly, and dangerous. It takes a special kind of company to produce them – and those companies need a special insurance protection provider. That special insurance protection provider is Charles Leach

Oil and gas development and production are among the most demanding, highest-risk occupations in nation. Satisfying the country’s insatiable thirst for these invaluable fuels involves a multitude of factors ranging from worker safety to environmental concerns – and both the risks and the liabilities can be enormous.

At Charles Leach, we take our responsibility to fuel producers very seriously. We understand the complexities of the business and we know the kind of insurance coverage oil and gas production companies need for reliable protection. We work closely with management to custom-tailor a complete insurance package that addresses all of the

oilgascompany’s needs, creating a cushion of security that makes progress possible. And most important of all, we are there when we’re needed. In a demanding and risky business like fuel production, it’s absolutely critical to have an insurance agent who is always ready, willing, and able to go to bat for you when the chips are down.

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